Seeking to promote my single product eCommerce retailer.

The place are you able to promote these in 2020? I’ve discovered it onerous.

Flippa just isn’t a superb choice. It is over-run with a bunch of reverse engineers and backside feeders from what I’ve noticed. Glancing their gross sales tonight, I’ve not seen 1 web site meet the asking value, so i see it was a waste.

I’ve talked with just a few non-public sellers however they don’t deal in eCommerce websites at present. One stated they are going to by third quarter this yr, they consider, however aren’t positive. I am hoping to get a response from FEInternational.

My web site has 13 months now and Im asking for below 2x the primary yr’s income. I made half of what i am asking within the final four months.

(made ~$27ok, asking ~$50ok)

What is the correct strategy to current the location for a sale? WHere can I promote an ecommerce web site in 2020?