Hello all,

I’m dealing with a dilema whether or not i ought to rebrand a product on my web site and movies, or simply present the unique model.

I’m shopping for a load of merchandise from XXX (pretend model) and when i ship the product, its going to have the XXX emblem on the package deal. Since i’m so early on this product, i dont need to order so much to get my very own model. XXX model is offering me with sufficient merchandise to have my retailer solely crammed with their merchandise.

What i might do nonetheless, is that i rebrand all of the vidoes and the product on my web site with YYY. (How large is the difficulty when the consumer receives the XXX packaging model?)

Now I’m having to do fairly some video and photograph modifying to place my model there, so im considering perhaps its higher to go straight ahead and promote it as XXX model regardless that i dont personal it, however simply promote it. The problem is, that I’m promoting my product above the market common (the worth is what the shopper is able to pay) however im apprehensive that i’d lose purchasers.

Additionally, i’m solely planning on working with this model for a few months after which work with different suppliers and totally different merchandise.

What’s your tackle this guys?