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I’m a not too long ago employed advertising and marketing specialist for a agency and I’ve been tasked with creating and tagging our retailer. We now have a number of shops that are already tagged. The issue is with the third retailer. It’s a multi-store that’s not on completely different domains or subdomains. Its based mostly in a number of international locations and it’s structured like so: [www.website.com/first-country](https://www.web site.com/first-country), [www.website.com/second-country](https://www.web site.com/second-country) and many others.
My query is: How would I am going about implementing GTM? I researched on-line and most say to make use of a Lookup desk variable however…how do I try this contemplating that it requires me to insert a GA ID and the ID relies on the entire web site property while every nation retailer is a unique view which isn’t a GA ID construction.
Ought to I set up completely different containers all collectively for every web site or ought to I create just one and work with Blocking Tags and many others?
I hope I defined this appropriately. Thanks!