Hello there, first time poster so I apologize if this query belongs in a distinct subreddit. If it does belong elsewhere, please direct me and in poor health re-post there.

Myself (American citizen) and my enterprise companion (Belgian citizen) might be creating a web based academic course. We even have “visitor authors” who will contribute to our course content material. We plan to pay these visitor authors a % of all income gross sales.

Ideally we have now a 3rd celebration platform the place somebody purchases the course and this third celebration app mechanically distributes the income percentages to all events concerned. For instance: If somebody purchases the course, 30% would get despatched to me, 30% to my companion, and 40% to all visitor authors (in 10% increments) all mechanically. Please word that there might be a number of worldwide funds going out. Additionally, no want to actually focus on tax points right here as I will go away that as much as my CPA.

Does this exist? If that is tremendous easy and exists by paypal or one thing alike, I sincerely apologize for losing your whole time. Please be particular when recommending a 3rd celebration app/platform. Thanks prematurely!