Any Assist can be actually appreciated.

My Breakeven is approx 27.99

February 22 – I began off operating a cbo 10 adsets 2 creaitve finally slicing right down to 1 inventive 2 adsets.
It considerably worthwhile (25$ after 5 gross sales) . After Three days glided by it began to do carry out much less.

February 25- I had zero Gross sales at present dropping 50$

Feb 26- I attempted so as to add a ABO new inventive with Retargeting audiences
That went utterly horrible, zero gross sales once more -56$ from the ABO.
The Native 2 CBO acquired 2 gross sales after spending 50$ So Day 5 was -50.14$

Feb 27 – I attempted scaling my 2 natives since they have been breaking even at this level I made a brand new CBO Took my 2 Native Adsets and x Three And set a day by day finances of 100$ after letting it run for half the day the metrics of it was full rubbish for 4/6 adsets. I then requested for recommendation on The Verum Group and was given the recommendation to kill the underpreforming one. *(Shouldn’t of listened to this member)* I killed the Four and INSTANTLY it spent 1/Three of my finances on the 1 of the two adsets remaining and utterly killed its metrics. I ended up killing the entire CBO. Shedding 63$. My native CBO Acquired 1 buy that day. DAY 6 – 88$

Feb 28 – Tried a brand new video inventive CBO – zero gross sales as a result of (my mistake of placing the conversions to atc as a substitute of purchases) = -50$. Native CBO acquired 1 sale. Feb 28 = -76.63

Feb 29 – I switched the video inventive CBO to Buy conversions. I acquired Three gross sales from my NATIVE CBO. I acquired 5 gross sales complete at present however undecided the place the opposite 2 got here from so i assumed it got here from my Video Inventive CBO. FEB 29 = + 63.34

March 1- Killed Four adsets inside the video inventive CBO, Video inventive will get 1 sale after spending 49.93. Native CBO will get Three gross sales. March 1= +26$

March 2 – Video Inventive CBO will get 1 sale , Native CBO will get zero gross sales = – 69.6$

March 3, I lastly took my Video inventive CBO 2 adsets and put them in a ABO 25$ Each day and acquired a sale every spending 19$ ea for buy earlier than turning off camp because it was close to the tip of the day. My Native CBO was preforming like GARBAGE so i turned it off utterly after 35$ spent no sale.
March third = -11$

At the moment!!!
I took my Native 2 adsets and however them right into a ABO With 30$ Each day every
and my video inventive is in an ABO 25 Each day every

I’ve spent – 908.39
Profited – 682.17
NET = -226.22$