So I’ve no expertise in enterprise or ecommerce however I’m a preatty good programer and I can develop preatty good software program.

Listed here are the questions:

1.Can I exploit shopify or woocommerce for my SaaS?Or these platforms are good for promoting bodily not software program?

2.Ought to I cost just one time for the software program or cost each month?

3. Is the SaaS business oversaturated?

4. Is there any good course I can take to be taught extra about SaaS?Or is it higher to be taught simply by doing?

5. Additionally associated to query quantity Four are there some good web sites/youtube channels/twitter accounts/articles you guys whould advocate to somebody new to promoting software program?

Thanks for serving to and if there are individuals who have expertise in promoting software program and need and can assist me extra please let me know.Have a pleasant day and keep protected.