I began working adverts every week in the past. My website sells dental care merchandise for canine. On one specific advert (for a product that stops and reverses gentle tartar and plaque), I’ve the next happening.

1. Two individuals who declare a product I’m promoting is dangerous as a result of it incorporates “bleach” (it doesn’t).
2. One or two individuals saying issues like “WTF. A enamel whitening package for canine” (it’s not a enamel whitening package)
3. Once I gave my boilerplate response of “X product doesn’t comprise bleach. It incorporates x, y, and z and that is the way it works. The first capabilities are the prevention and reversal of sunshine plaque and tartar. These substances are thought of the usual for these functions due their benign nature” I get #4
4. Individuals making an attempt to begin arguments with me. I present info, after which they argue. Then they are saying the advert is deceptive. I even produce other individuals within the feedback kind of going after these individuals for his or her conduct.

Now, to date I’ve simply supplied info in regards to the product and tried to be an educator, however it’s attending to be a bit irritating to have these conversations happening. It is actually beginning really feel like no reply is nice sufficient for them. How do you guys typically deal with these things? I am making an attempt to steadiness the road being a superb vendor and simply ignoring them.

(btw, my background on this product trade is 19 years. I am acquainted with the product kind typically, however solely began providing this specific one just lately. The individuality of this product is the strategy by which is is run which DOES appear like it could possibly be a tooth whitening product. Offering this for full readability)