The issue is: how do you promote a $70 toothbrush?

A toothbrush is a commodity, and one which we’re accustomed to spending only a few bucks on.

As a marketer, it is your job to create sufficient of a narrative, and emotion, to drive the acquisition of a premium product.

For a lot of DTC manufacturers, the decision-making comes all the way down to an emotional choice.

I got here throughout an ideal instance of promoting on emotion, with [Burst Oral Care’s landing page](https://www.burstoralcare.com/product/toothbrush). Examine that to competitor [Quip’s product page](https://www.getquip.com/products_4/adult-starter-set), and the ways in which emotion are conjured develop into clear.

Listed below are a couple of ways in which Burst has nailed their advertising (these are timeless advertising methods, which might be relevant for any product, vertical, SaaS, ecommerce, or extra)

1. **Present, Don’t Inform:** Present how the product is definitely going for use daily. Use visuals: movies, buyer testimonials, product demos. This helps construct emotional reference to the viewer. 
2. **Quantify Authority:** We take heed to, and belief, the opinions of consultants. We’re additionally extra prone to buy based mostly on this belief and credibility. Use the authority of these in your discipline, as Burst does–stating the precise variety of dentists and dental professionals that suggest their product. 
3. **Social Proof:** When unsure of a call, buyers will look to others to affect their choice. Robert Cialdini calls this Consensus–a key pillar of persuasion. Buyer critiques and testimonials are a good way to showcase Consensus. 
4. **Affiliation**: Utilizing a well-known face related to a product acts nearly as a private advice from a buddy. There’s additionally a unconscious affiliation between that individual, their desired traits, and the product. Burst makes use of celebrities, micro influencers, and “regular” of us all through their buying expertise. 
5. **Share Your Story:** Individuals purchase based mostly on emotion. One approach to fire up emotion is to share the origin story, and the “why” behind the product’s existence.
6. **Tackle Objections Preemptively:** Value, return coverage, transport charges, satisfaction assure, and extra. Clients can have numerous hesitations earlier than buy, so addressing these all through the conversion course of will solely make the acquisition course of smoother.

The significance of those emotions-driven methods turns into much more obvious when in comparison with a model that doesn’t fire up any emotion on its web page.

how two VC-backed manufacturers promote a premium priced commodity highlights the distinction between good copy that incites emotion, and a model that doesn’t.