Hello all,

I am a beginning Dutch model of handmade, high-quality swimwear and determining influencer advertising has been nothing in need of troublesome. I’ve closed collabs with two influencers: one Youtuber and one TikToker, and though the tik toker has 100ok+ followers, she generated zero gross sales whereas the Youtuber with solely 3.5k subscribers has generated Three gross sales already from her video + an insta put up. **As a model, I feel I am ruling out TikTok for advertising** (there is not any name to motion and tik tokers typically need to make humorous movies with the garments, the place the principle consideration won’t be the garments?)

I’ve additionally had Youtubers with 10ok subs asking for $700 to make a video, and youtubers with 50ok subs doing a video for merchandise (properly, the whole summer time assortment however nonetheless lots lower than $700). **How do you normally value Youtube movies, particularly for companies within the vogue trade? How do you negotiate if the influencer pricing is approach above market?** (ex: influencer quotes you $1000 however solely has 50ok subscribers whereas different comparable channels quote you $100?)

I’ve additionally heard in all places to not do Instagram posts as they’ll very hardly ever generate any gross sales and are nugatory. Is that one thing you’ve got discovered as properly in what you are promoting (once more, particularly for vogue manufacturers?). In case you assume it is price it, have you ever discovered that **life-style instagrams are higher than vogue instas** (ladies that evaluation garments/put up ootds) **or vice-versa?**

Have you ever used any vogue theme insta pages? Has it been price it?


Thanks for sharing your experiences!