Hello guys,

First put up!

Ive bought a wide range of issues that had been cluttering up my home, however realised I ve obtained the talents to deal with reselling on a extra constant foundation, IT expertise, PR, negotiation and so on.

All of the gadgets i bought earlier than I allready had. Now im dealing with the hurdle of going about sourcing items by way of wholesalers , public sale homes and so on.

I have been taking a look at wholesale websites like this: [https://www.thewholesaler.co.uk/a-z-traders.php](https://www.thewholesaler.co.uk/a-z-traders.php)

However the place would i am going for getting branded items for instance say i wished some fragrance:

Beyonce , Warmth EDP 100 ml, thats not the one i wish to go for however lets use it for example.

Is there place to start out studying about sourcing or an article and so on?