I simply had a loopy thought and I wish to see what you guys give it some thought to ensure I’m not losing my money and time.

I purchased a site title for a retail area of interest that could be very brandable And memorable. After I noticed the lengthy delivery occasions from Aliexpress, I by no means went via with opening a shopify retailer as a result of I assumed it will be a waste of time.

My thought is that I make a retailer centered round having very lengthy delivery time. It’s that folks order now and so they overlook about what they ordered in order that they have a shock present from their previous self.

It might distinction the entire fashionable two day delivery and in a single day delivery crazes with Amazon and the like. I believe it gives a really legit cause for having lengthy delivery occasions although.

One pitch I considered was “In these troubling occasions, give your self a present. A shock present! We let you shock your self with a fantastic piece of bijou!”

Do you suppose this it’s a possible thought?

Additionally, I name dibs on the thought.