For the previous few weeks, I have been researching my area of interest and my rivals.
I assumed to share my ideas with you guys, to see what you suppose, and perhaps I can get any recommendation out of your expertise.

My huge rivals are promoting and specializing in one merchandise solely (with a wide range of designs).
Nevertheless, I’m seeking to promote extra objects – underneath the identical idea.

From what I’ve discovered from my rivals, the one who’s promoting a wide range of objects – has a unique idea from mine, however nonetheless in the identical area of interest.

To illustrate for instance my retailer and idea is within the sport area of interest.
My objects are designed objects (POD).

My ideas are:
– If I am selecting to begin with a couple of merchandise – the way to catalog them with out shedding the idea of the shop, and with out making it too broad?
I don’t need to catalog it as ״bottles, shorts, luggage and many others״.
If I’ll catalog it by the design ideas, it could make the client a bit confused and may make him get misplaced between the verity of the objects.

– If I am beginning with just one merchandise, or extra, and construct the idea underneath that – how will I add extra objects and stay the idea of the shop?

I am not even certain that I’ve defined myself proper lol…
I hope it makes any sense :

Thanks prematurely!