Hello everybody, a few week in the past I began my first conversions marketing campaign on FB/IG. We’ll say I am within the attire market, and I am snug with my scenario so far as segmentation and differentiation: I’m concentrating on my very own designs to what I believe is a well-defined area of interest and clientele in that area of interest.

I’ve began testing adverts however I am seeking to see if anybody can please give ideas on the outcomes thus far; I’ve finished my very own analysis however the averages and metrics are in every single place. So, I am hoping just a few individuals on this sub can please spare a while to supply their ideas on if I am monitoring in the proper course.

I began with one marketing campaign, two advert units, two adverts every. I am now down to 1 advert which was performing the most effective. The metrics for that advert are as follows, since June 1st:

Value: $37.67

Attain: 3,923

Frequency: 1.18

Hyperlink clicks: 21

Submit reactions: 7

Calculated metrics:

Impressions: 4,629

CPM: $8.14/M

CTR: 0.45

I am most involved concerning the CTR, and the truth that I’ve no ATC but. Is that simply I have not reached a vital mass of tourists but, taking into consideration I would be fortunate to have 1% (or so I perceive) conversions of traffic-to-buyers?

Thanks prematurely for the feedback!