I’ve utilizing customized “monitoring spreadsheets” which have some quirks.

Im searching for options. I promote on Amazon.ca/com and have US/Canadian banks. Im an SCORP and file corp returns in each nations.

Theres a whole lot of merchandise on the market, however subscribing to a service perpetually is a pet-peeve and id favor to purchase a software program suite outright so I can use for ever.

Ive been taking a look at utilizing Quickbooks. The primary hurdle is monitoring COGs. I purchase >5000 new SKUS per yr as I cope with one-off used gadgets. I price common my COGs by summing all my CC costs. Its extra convoluted then say somebody who has <50 SKU’s of devoted product traces.

What software program suites or strategies of bookkeeping do you comply with? What would you reccomend?