Any good considering or examples round this?

Would like to have some option to create web page templates and alt variations of a product web page, focused to completely different channels/demograpnics and many others.

In practise by way of URL it’d appear to be:

* Main: shopdomain.com/category-slug/product-detail-page-slug
* Alt 1: shopdomain.com/category-slug/product-detail-page-slug/alt-1-slug
* Alt 2: shopdomain.com/category-slug/product-detail-page-slug/alt-2-slug

^ within the instance the first web page can be the default for web optimization, internally linked and many others, nevertheless we would have two different layouts, one may be worth prop first, one may be video first, and we may very well be concurrently sending say Advert site visitors to all three and see which performs higher.

I get that there are methods to A/B check, however a few of our testing to date has revealed that some conversion rate-optimised layouts are concurrently not web optimization optimised….

I suppose that is heading down the street to personalisation, and I may be serious about it flawed, any higher methods to method?

Attempting to keep away from platform-specific implementation, and extra across the precise concept of concentrating on touchdown pages (the place potential) primarily based on channel and/or demographic.